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Fun Climbing Wooden Stair Steps for Hamster Cages

Fun Climbing Wooden Stair Steps for Hamster Cages

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Hamster Stairs for Climbing Fun

Give your hamster more fun with our climbing Wooden Hamster Stairs cage accessory! This all-natural wood ladder encourages exercise and exploration.

Handcrafted from solid pine wood, these sturdy stairs attach securely to any wire hamster cage. The arched design adds visual interest while providing a safe climbing structure.

  • Your hamster will adore racing up and down the steps of this mini staircase toy.
  • Place it near cage walls or platforms to create new areas to climb and play.
  • The wood construction is gentle on tiny paws.

Materials: Solid pine wood

Dimensions: 20cm length x 11cm width

Securely attaches to wire cages

Provides mental and physical stimulation

Encourage natural behaviors like foraging, burrowing, and tunneling by pairing with our other great hamster accessories. Add wooden ramps, tunnels, hideouts, and more to give your pet the ideal enriching habitat.

Let your hamster scamper up and down its new wooden staircase for many active, happy hours!

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