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100% Natural Pine Wood Chew Sticks

100% Natural Pine Wood Chew Sticks

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100% Natural Pine Wood Chew Stick - Tasty, Safe Chew Toy for Small Pets

This 100% eco-friendly pine wood chew stick provides small pets like hamsters, gerbils, mice, and dwarf rabbits with a healthy, stimulating chewing and nibbling activity.

Handcrafted from kiln-dried pine hardwood, this 5.9-inch long, 1.18-inch diameter chew stick helps file down constantly growing teeth. It's a delicious, nutrient-rich pine wood texture pets love to gnaw on.

The edible formula doubles as a tasty treat made with zero chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors. When finally nibbled down, it’s biodegradable for safe compost. Give your furry friend hours of healthy entertainment!

Material: Pine Wood
Inner Diameter: 3.0cm/1.18”
Diameter: 5.5cm/2.16”

1. Outer diameter 5.5-7cm, length 15cm, inner hole 3.5cm, 6 side holes 3.5cm.
2. Outer diameter 6-7cm, length 20cm, inner hole 3.5cm, 6 side holes 3.5cm


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